Treating severe morning sickness (hyperemesis gravis)

"Unfortunately during my pregnancy I suffered with severe morning sickness and was admitted to hospital on several occasions. No matter what I tried nothing worked; ginger biscuits, toast before getting out of bed, sickness bands, eating little and often, eating bland food, prescribed medication. I literally couldn't keep anything down and permanently felt nauseous. A friend advised me that she had heard that acupuncture may help get rid of my sickness or at least take the edge off! I wasn't sure that alternative medicine would actually work however this was simply my last resort. Needles were positioned at the appropriate points and I would lie on the bed while I suppose balance was restored. (I was thinking what if i needed to be sick during the time, with needles in me!! however this was probably the longest i had been without being ill!) After each session I would leave and that evening would be quite ill, I continued on with treatment and after my third session I was very ill, however two days later it had worked! Thanks to Pippa I was able to enjoy the rest of my pregnancy as believe me the 15 weeks of sickness were not pleasant, If only I had looked into this sooner I would have enjoyed it from the beginning.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone suffering and would now use acupuncture again for other issues."


Turning a breech baby

"At 36 weeks pregnant my baby was breech. With the possibility of having to have a c-section I was given the option of having an ECV at the hospital, but wasn’t at all sure about it. One of the midwives mentioned acupuncture so I investigated and felt much happier trying this. At 37 weeks I had one session of moxibustion with Pippa and then took the moxa sticks home where my partner used them on me for 20 minutes twice a day for 10 days (it was bliss having the excuse to just sit and do nothing each day!). A scan at nearly 39 weeks confirmed my baby had turned and I went on to have a natural delivery, giving birth to a beautiful baby girl. I can’t thank you enough for helping and I am so pleased I went down the route of acupuncture and not intervention by doctors."


Having acupuncture to induce labour

"Having been to see Pippa for various reasons previously, I decided that I would try acupuncture to help bring on the labour of my second little girl. Throughout both of my pregnancies I had gestational diabetes. Having been induced the first time and having a bad birth experience I was willing to try anything to help this baby along. I had several acupuncture treatments after 38 weeks of pregnancy. I truly believe it helped me to succeed in having a natural birth and a healthy, bonny, baby."


During labour

"When the birth of my second child was approaching I felt terrified, not because my first labour had been particularly awful - it was described by those around as an easy birth and admittedly all had gone well, but my back pain was agonising. My midwife suggested I try acupuncture, so I gave it a go.

A friend recommended acupuncturist Pippa Hancock at the Dolphin House Clinic. Pippa had an aura of calm and I immediately felt at ease in her presence. The acupuncture certainly helped my back pain, especially when Pippa burnt moxa on the end of the needle to apply heat to the affected area. The treatments also seemed to precipitate a very restful nights sleep.

After the initial treatments I felt sure that acupuncture was the answer to a better birthing experience and so asked Pippa to attend for the first few hours of labour. It was very re-assuring to have Pippa at the birth and acupuncture definitely made the labour better and less painful in the earlier stages. Without the excruciating back pain the labour was at times, almost enjoyable."


Treating underactive thyroid (hypothyroid)

"Following a diagnosis of an under-active thyroid in the early spring I was prescribed the lowest dose of thyroxine. However, I still had intermittent feelings of exhaustion but was reluctant to ask for a higher dose of medication. I therefore decided to try acupuncture while continuing to take the original low-dose medication. Pippa was very realistic and honest, giving no promises of a magical cure and warning me that it could take several sessions before I felt any improvement. In fact, I had three acupuncture sessions in July and subsequently went off on a six-week camping (so hardly a restful holiday!) and felt extremely fit with very high levels of energy. I am sure that the acupuncture has helped and am very grateful to Pippa. She offers an excellent service in a pleasant and accessible clinic."

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